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Computer Keystroke Grabber

64K PS2 Version

Computer Keystroke Grabber

2MB USB Version

Use this device to capture ALL keystrokes typed on a computer, including PASSWORDS, CHAT, EMAIL, ETC...  It records approximately 32 pages of typing or 1 weeks usage on average.  This model connects to computers that use a PS2 keyboard.

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Use this device to capture ALL keystrokes typed on a computer, including PASSWORDS, CHAT, EMAIL, ETC...  It records approximately 1000 pages of typing or 32 weeks usage on average.  This model connects to computers that use a USB keyboard.

$99.99     Buy Now

Parents :

Monitor your child's internet, e-mail, and chat room activity. We believe that there is no off-the-shelf solution for effective parenting, but our Keystroke Grabbers can be your eyes when you are not there.

Employers :

Use our Keystroke Loggers to monitor employee computer usage compliance. Employees will spend less time browsing the internet and sending e-mails if they are being monitored.

Executives & System Admins :

Use our Keystroke Loggers to detect any unauthorized access of your PC. If someone uses your computer after hours, you will know. ALSO MONITORS CHAT AND INSTANT MESSAGING. Better than a blocker because :

  • Blockers cannot keep up with the tremendous growth of the Internet.
  • Blockers don't tell you what your children are doing. The Keystroke Logger records their typing word-for-word.

Better than software because :
  • Uses no system resources. No hard drive, CPU, RAM, etc.
  • Undetectable by the computer.
  • Installs in seconds - Just plug it in!
  • Portable - move it from computer to computer with no loss of data.

Installation :

The Keystroke Recorder is a very simple device to understand. It is approximately 1-5/8 inches long, and about 5/8 inch in diameter. To install the Keystroke Recorder, all you need to do is plug it in between your keyboard cable and your computer. Once you do this, it is ready to record.

Retrieving data :

When you have recorded some data, and would like to retrieve it, simply open up any text editor or word processing program (Microsoft Notepad is recommended). Type in your secret password. As soon as your password has been correctly entered, a menu will be displayed on your screen, giving you several options, including: View Memory, Erase Memory, Disable recording, and so on. As soon as the 'View Memory' option has been selected, every word that has been typed on your computer will be displayed for you to see!

Features :
  • Works on any operating system for a PC, including Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, OS/2, DOS, and BeOS.
  • No software installation is needed at all! Even retrieving the keystrokes requires no software.
  • Keystrokes are stored in non-volatile flash memory that doesn't need batteries.
  • Unlike some software keystroke recorders, this picks up every keystroke, even those used to modify the BIOS before boot up.
  • The device can be unplugged and the keystrokes retrieved on another computer.
  • Powered from the computer. Doesn't need batteries.



The Device was designed and is to be used solely for parents to monitor what their children are doing on the computer and for businesses to monitor what their employees are doing on the computer. It can also be used for backup of data in case of a power outage.


The Device may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or to access or intercept electronic communications in violation of wiretap statutes, or to violate company regulations.  Impermissible Uses include, but are not limited to the following acts: retrieval of credit card information, passwords, personal and/or medical information, confidential and/or proprietary information, or trade secrets.

Privacy and wiretapping laws change from time to time and vary from state to state. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.


If anyone other than you will be using the computer on which the Device is installed, you agree to post a notice visible to each user of the computer to the effect that (i) activities on this system may be monitored and recorded and (ii) that anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of unauthorized or criminal activity, such evidence may be provided to company or law enforcement officials.


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